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Solid Wood & Real Wood Veneers

A completely natural and 100% real timber (offered for the edging only on laminated shelves)

Wood Effect Laminates

Our specially selected wood effect laminates have a realistic deep grain texture and include all of the advantages of a laminate. They are scratch resistant, easy to clean, splash proof and food safe. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Solid Colour Laminates

Our extensive range of solid colour - high pressure laminates are highly durable. They are scratch resistant, easy to clean, splash proof and food safe. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as well as any room. The colour and texture are constant throughout and will never disort time.

Our laminate textures include;

MATT - A smooth ever so slightly speckled finished, neither dull or glossy very easy on the eye.

GLOSS - A vibrant shiny finish, perfectly smooth to the touch.

Metal Laminates

Our selection of real metal laminates are made with genuine alloys and bonded to a laminate substrate for strength and durability. They have all the characteristics of our high pressure laminates.