Bespoke Solutions

Feel free to send us a design you like or have seen eslewhere, we can price it, re-design it and manufacture it to meet your exact requirements!!!


Our Bespoke Solutions service is the perfect fit for larger projects and for those clients who would prefer to leave the design, production and installation - of their luxury shelving and modular shelving units - to the professionals. Although, you can install the custom-made design yourself – if you choose.


Design Consultation

When you choose a Bespoke Solution; we begin with a full design consultation, with one of our knowledgeable and creative designers to: discuss your storage requirements, explore your design ideas and to find out more about the features of your home and the interior décor. This consultation is designed to help you visualise your dream storage concept; we do this by asking posing and thought-provoking questions in tandem with using our breath of experience to work out what type of solution is going to suit you best.

During your storage design consultation, we’ll cover the all-important specification information, leaving no stone unturned, like: internal and external dimensions, what kind of storage your home needs – along with your preferred materials and ideal colour scheme.

Surprisingly, we conduct the entire process online and over the telephone – so there is no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule or travel anywhere. Your designer will send you free product samples – of different colour combinations and finishes - if required, so you can really get a feel for how your finished installation will look in your home. This combined with our extensive online gallery – to spark your imagination and give you new ideas – and custom-made 3D visuals will ensure you don’t make any costly wrong decisions. 

Dedicated Project Manager

Once you’re 100% satisfied and happy with your design and specification; a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your product and they will become your key contact – throughout the entire process: from start to finish.

Behind the scenes, your Project Manager will take control of your bespoke solution - ensuring it is manufactured, constructed and packaged effectively and delivered, installed and finished - on time and the to the highest possible quality standard.


Building Your Design

Once convenient dates have been agreed between you and your Project Manager; our Production Team will immediately get to work manufacturing your bespoke design. If you choose to, you can install your system yourself, but we would recommend our hassle-free installation service – to ensure your bespoke solution makes a big impact in your home.  If you do choose to install yourself; we’ll build your design in our workshop and send you pictures and detailed instructions on how to put it together and install.


Expert Installation

Once your bespoke solution has been designed and produced in our workshop. It will then be taken down and carefully packaged and dispatched for delivery. If professional installation is required – we will arrange a suitable date and our efficient Fitting Team will deliver and install - the same day!

All installation work carried out by TOP SHELF UK is fully insured and guaranteed for 12 months – to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the service.


Next Steps

To find out more or if you would like to arrange a Bespoke Solution, contact us now to book your 1-2-1 Design Consultation.