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  • We take the time to personalise our homes and make them “just so”. We choose our homes based on our needs and the needs of our families, we even choose the perfect color to paint the walls and match our throw pillows to. Why then, are we settling for “off the shelf” shelving systems that are designed for any home, not your own?

    Choosing a pre-made shelving system will give you a place to store your things, but it won’t fit your room or suit your tastes for that matter. With a pre-made shelving system, you are at the mercy of the designer and it the shelf itself is too large, or too small, for your space, it could throw off the symmetry of the room and become the main focal point instead of that beautiful painting or curved LED TV.

    Now let’s imagine that you purchased a bespoke shelving system for your room. Everything fits, the shelving system blends naturally with your room and your décor and it is not distracting to you or your guests. A customised shelving system won’t take over as the central focal point of your room either. That is, unless you want it to.

    With a customised shelving system, you can design it to be whatever shape, style or size you need and it will be crafted to your specifications, not a shelving designer that has never even seen the inside of your home. Yes, choosing a customised shelving system for your home has many benefits and very few, if any, drawbacks.

    Choose the material, choose the color, choose the design; choose customised shelving for your home and open up a whole new world of design possibilities. No longer are you constrained by the shelving you currently have and no longer do you need to settle for what the big box stores offer. You can have customised shelving in your home today; contact Top Shelf UK today and see what they have in store for you.

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