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  • Floating shelves. You may have heard this term used on your favourite home design programme on television or at your local home improvement centre, and you may not know exactly what they mean. A floating shelf is a shelf that is designed to appear as if it were attached to the wall without using any brackets or braces. Floating shelves are strong, lightweight and can hold a wide range of objects from books and nick knacks, to family photos and anything else you want on display in your home. They can also give a room a clean, symmetrical look using modern design stylings.

    Most floating shelves are made out of lightweight MDF while some companies are offering solid wood shelving for increase strength. The shelves are mounted to the wall using concealed shelf supports which fit precisely into the hollow opening of the shelving material.

    Hanging floating shelves is relatively easy and doesn’t take much skill at all. Simply mark the wall where you want the shelf, locate the fixing holes in the shelf supports and pre-drill 10mm diameter holes at those points. Next, knock in the wall plugs finishing flush with the wall and screw in the concealed shelf supports.

    Then all you have to do is place the floating shelf over the shelf supports, making sure that it fits snugly. The tilt of the shelf can be adjusted by turning the shelf support arms. This pushes against the back plate and allows to tilt up and down as required. Once adjusted as necessary and you are ready to fit the shelf, apply clear silicon to the inside bottom of the hollow shelf and mount the shelf. It’s that easy and the result is a beautiful shelving systems that looks like it’s actually floating on your wall, thus the term “floating shelf”.

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