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  • Our floating shelves are sorted here by the various depths and thicknesses we offer. Once you have found the correct size, you can select the length and colours of your shelf on their product pages.

    Our unique range of Floating Shelving & Storage Units will allow you the freedom to create a bespoke system just for you. Our floating shelves and modular shelving units can be installed horizontally or vertically giving you a completely unique design.

    Our comprehensive range of floating shelves includes;

    ​All floating shelves are sent complete with brackets and fixings. Shelves up to 300mm in depth include our Concealed Bracket System. Shelves with a depth of over 300mm include our Re-Bar System.

    Feel free to send us a design you like or have seen eslewhere, we can price it, re-design it and manufacture it to meet your exact requirements!!!


    Bespoke Solutions is a division of Top Shelf UK offering a full range of services for the more complex projects. From design consultation through manufacture and installation, Bespoke Solutions will turn your ideas into reality. To find out more about Bespoke Solutions click here.

    Our Wall Shelves are sorted here by the various depths and thicknesses we offer. Once you have found the correct size, you can select the length and colours of your shelf on their product pages.

    Our comprehensive unique range of wall shelves includes;

    •Three thicknesses; 26mm, 38mm, 52mm
    •Depths from; 150mm - 600mm
    •Lengths from; 150mm - 2400mm
    •Over 40 different decors and colours

    Top Shelf UK standard shelves do not only look amazing, there usability and strength is unrivalled.

    All of our products are made in the UK and all materials used are premium quality and sourced in the UK.

    Twin Slot shelving is one of the most respected products in the shelving industry as the must have system for maximum load bearing, wall mounted cantilever shelves. This system is designed to cover your shelving requirements for your office, home or garage.




    The system uses uprights fixed to the wall, with parallel slots that the brackets fit in to. The brackets give a strong support for the timber shelving of your choice.

    Here at Top Shelf UK we offer twin slot uprights in various lengths from 430mm - 2400mm, Brackets from 120mm - 610mm and steel shelving to suit. Timber shelving for the Twin Slot system is available from 300mm - 2400mm long in all of our colours and decors.

    Feel free to send us a design you like or have seen elsewhere, we can price it, re-design and manufacture it to meet your exact requirements !!!


    Top Shelf UK’s unparalleled range of modular storage solutions surpasses everything available on the high street; these retailers simple couldn’t accommodate our extensive range and numerous different sizing options. We’re specialists in storage and we have it by the shed-load: whatever your home requires or your mind imagines – we can supply it.

    Our luxury shelving systems and modular modern shelving is supremely high-quality; choose between three different types of unit: 4-sided, 5-sided or 6-sided - in over 5,800 different sizes and thicknesses: either 18 of 25mm. Then choose a co-ordinating or complementing colour for your: main décor, door décor, back and edge décor – from the 46 different attractive colour combinations.

    So that’s 5,072,045,894,679,810 or... Five Quadrillion, Seventy-Two Trillion, Forty-Five Billion, Eight Hundred & Ninety-Four Million, Six Hundred & Seventy-Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred & Ten possibilities!!!! But, don’t worry; we can expertly advise you on the most appropriate options and the modular shelving system, which will work best in your home and the one which will most effectively complement your home décor or interior design concept.

    For showing off valued items a glass shelving system can be a great solution and give a contemporary - luxury look. We offer glass shelving from stock and made to order to suit your requirements. Available to order in; Clear, Low Iron, Back Painted, Frosted and Mirror.

    All glass products are toughened to British Standards (BS EN 121500:2000) making them super durable and up to 5 times stronger than standard float glass.

    All glass products also come complete with highly polished edges and are put through our own quality assurance process to guarantee satisfaction.  

    We also offer UV bonding services so you can turn your shelving in a full showcase for maximum visual impact.

    If you would like to order a bespoke glass product, contact us with your enquiry. To see our range of glass shelving brackets, click here.

    Unlike all our other shelves which are made to order, these white melamine floating shelves are in stock and ready for same day dispatch. We manufacture these in house by the boat load which why we can offer such great prices!

    They use exactly the same 3-way adjustable concealed brackets and fixings as our bespoke floating shelves and come complete with all brackets, fixings and instructions.

    Here at Top Shelf UK we have a specially selected range of shelf brackets to suit all needs and budgets.

    Our ingenius Concelaed Bookshelves create the illusion of your books seemingly floating in stacks up and across your walls.

    Rather than keeping your books in conventional bookcases, or scattered on coffee tables, this invisible bookshelf will turn your books into an art installation, and will no doubt have all visitors to your home scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the wizardry before them.

    A classic and effective design for a wide range of uses. Block benching is great for social interaction, its a great way to bring everyone together. 


    Suitable for many areas such a school canteens, learning enviroments, breakout areas, or coffee lounges. Using block benching offers relaxation, communication and fun.


    Not only are the great for large areas but also for homes and gardens. Choosing block benching answers all your questions, it is cost effectivesolid, sturdy bench tables and seating. 


    They are super strong and long lasting which is perfect for places such as canteens and libraries.


    They are also offered in a wide range of popular colours in a laminated surface which means they are easy clean surfaces, one wipe! job done.

    See our a free samples page for more information on all of our decors.

Top Shelf UK are one of the UK’s leading storage retailers and home to the largest online selection of customisable, modular shelving and storage. We’re head and shoulders above the competition and our unique range of modular floating shelving and storage units allow you the flexibility and freedom to create a bespoke and functional storage system, which suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Our Floating Shelves can be installed horizontally or vertically to give home owners absolute creative freedom and provide you with - previously unimagined - and incredibly effective storage solutions. Supplied complete with the highest quality concealed shelf brackets with three-way adjustment in height, width and tilt ensure your shelves stay level - forever!

Our luxury modular shelving and storage products are all expertly made in the UK and look amazing, but - most importantly - they’re designed for supreme usability and unequalled strength and durability.